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Making dreams come true for martial artists

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Our Story


The Journey Fund was established to celebrate and continue the spirited teachings of


J. Michael Amodeo.


The Journey Fund is  a source of direct funding for developmental expenses for  outstanding students of martial arts. Your donation will be used to pay for seminars, certifications, clinics, gear, scholarships and competitions. For the student that is financially challenged, this opportunity  to develop their inner power can be life changing.



The Journey Fund continues to support Martial Artists in achieving their dreams....


Come join the fun at our fundraiser every spring. Enjoy the Martial Art Demonstrations, great food, crafts, t-shirts and our awesome raffle. Don't forget the bouncy house too! 

Mission statement:


The Journey Fund is a non-profit memorial endowment designed to:


Foster and support exceptional students of the martial arts in the development of mind,

body and spirit.


Enable these deserving students to realize their full potential despite financial challenges.


Guide each student in finding their inner warrior spirit through training, scholarships and competitions funded by this endowment.


The Journey Fund

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